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SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit

SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit
SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit
SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit

SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit    SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit
DAVCO DIESEL BOSS Oxy-DIESEL Cutting Torch. Up to 90% OPERATIONAL SAVINGS Vs Oxy-Acetylene! Way cheaper to use than propane too and CUTS BETTER as well. Supa Safe using ordinary Diesel as fuel.

High density, high velocity flame that out performs Acetylene and Propane in cutting thru paint, dirt, rust, across voids, thru multiple stacked layers etc etc etc AND cuts up to 1 FOOT/12/300mm thick steel! Once you use a DAVCO DIESEL BOSS torch you will never go back and you will be the envy of your mates and have an edge over competitors. This main listing is for our new SUPACUT Industrial Grade 19.5 long Diesel fueled torch with a 90 degree head. We also offer many other models with shorter or longer lengths and 90, 135 and 180 degree heads.

Want something special, yes we manufacture to customer requirement... SLASH your cutting fuel costs. Fuel Cost to cut 100ft =. This torch can pay for itself in just a few hours (or days) depending on the amount of cutting undertaken. Cuts thicker, faster and cheaper than Acetylene or Propane.

Cuts up to 12 thick steel. STOP PAYING FOR EXPENSIVE ACETYLENE! Tired of paying for rental and refills?

Time to switch to an Oxy-DIESEL cutting system. How it works: Standard automotive style Diesel simply takes the place of an industrial gas such as acetylene or propane and cuts CLEANER, FASTER, THICKER and all at MUCH LOWER operating COST. S300 Cutting Range torch = 1/2"-12" (25-300mm).

1 x DSDC-300 Cutting torch. 1 x Oxygen Flashback arrestor. 3 x Cutting Tips (1/2" - 12" cut). Item offered is ONLY the Torch.

This listing does not include a diesel fuel tank (just about anything will do that will hold diesel), does not include hoses, oxygen tank or regulator. Requires a standard oxygen tank same as oxy-acetylene or oxy propane users. A high flow oxygen regulator is usually needed for cutting big stuff.... (say anything over 4" thick) Most existing serious scrap users will already have everything, just need a tank to hold the diesel and a 1/4" (5-6 mm) fuel hose. SUPACUT Oxy-Diesel cutting torch utilizes standard compressed oxygen with Diesel as the combustible fuel (instead of acetylene or propane).

Fuel is stored without pressure. Tools are easy and very safe to use. Dramatic cost savings: Utilizing Diesel instead of acetylene as the combustible fuel has an amazing effect on slashing operating costs. Oxygen consumption can be reduced by up to 30% Speed: Cutting speed can be 20-30% faster than an acetylene based system. Why would you ever continue to use anything else???? Performance: SUPACUT quickly and easily cuts through steel up to 12. Versatility: Cutting flame will easily cut across voids (air space between plates). Cuts through paint, dirt, rust and other contaminating surface materials coating old steel. This system provides almost 100% oxidation during cutting so leaves little slag. Safer cuts: Utilizing Diesel (as a fuel) greatly improves the cut providing almost 100% oxidation of the cut material leaving almost no molten steel in the slag. Multi-layer cutting: Due to the clean cut and 100% oxidation there is almost no molten steel residue to "stick" cut plates together Why cut one piece when you can cut 5 or 10 at the same time!

The torch can be used at any angle and even if torch is used upside down or shaken violently the flame shape will not change, even immersed underwater the flame keeps going! Long Tip life: SUPACUT tips are kept much cooler with the use of a liquid fuel thus extending tip life. Robust design: The SUPACUT systems are manufactured with quality materials and will prove to be a durable and reliable system providing many years of service. Easy-to-use: With the unique regulating control technology of the SUPACUT it is easy to synchronise the control of fuel and oxygen with the regulating valves.

Safety: Diesel is actually a hugely safer fuel than acetylene and other flammable gas cutting fuels. Patented technology: The Oxy-Gasoline cutting systems is a specialized technology product and has several unique design features protected by patent. DAVCO has a diverse range of flame torch products for many applications and industries powered by Acetylene, Propane, MAPP, Petrol - Gasoline, Diesel. Torches for use by Hand, CNC, Profile and other specialised torches for Robotic cutting systems.

We build custom torch products to meet specialised local and international client needs. Contact DAVCO first and let DAVCO Supacut light up your life! Does the torch do all that oxy-acetylene cutting torch does?

The SUPACUT system was originally designed as a VERY powerful cutting system and that is its primary strength. Can I heat and bend steel? YES, The cutting torch can also be used for heating work. Oxy-diesel is not a single product. Why do you say the oxy-Diesel system is more powerful than oxy-acetylene?

Due to the properties of diesel the vapor is about 4-5 times as heavy (dense) as oxy-acetylene so has much more "punch". If I need to cut a hole in a piece of steel can I cut through plate or other solid surface or do I have to drill a hole first? No pre drilling is needed.

The SUPACUT is MUCH better at punching through metal than an acetylene system. As the vapor is approximately 4 times heavier/more dense than acetylene and the flame is almost 100% oxidizing, SUPACUT can easily cut a hole and has minimal heavy/hot waste (acetylene has about 30% molten steel waste). Oxygen is needed for the torch to function so a standard oxygen setup is required just the same as for an acetylene system. However, the SUPACUT uses about 30% less oxygen than an acetylene system.

Can I use compressed air instead of oxygen? This will not work with compressed air. Like acetylene system you MUST have OXYGEN to achieve the temperatures required for operation.

Does the fuel tank need to be pressurized. NO - the torch is designed in such a manner the flow of oxygen thru the torch draws the diesel into the tip, then mixes the fuel and oxygen and the resultant vapor is burnt to provide the cutting flame.

(Pretty much anything can be used a a diesel tank). How much diesel does the system use? As a simple example if you were cutting 1/2 plate with a No. 1 tip, in one hour you should be able to cut about 100 ft of plate and use less than 1/4 Gal of diesel.

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It is worth the wait. Feel free to ask any questions using the question box at the bottom of this advert. Pictures show various torch models in use and are not necessarily indicative of the torch or starter kit for sale in this listing.

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  • Item Type: Diesel Fuel Cutting Torch

SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit    SAVE 90% vs Acetylene or Propane DAVCO SUPACUT Oxygen DIESEL Cutting Torch -kit